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You are confused what to carry to Hong Kong. We could guide you. We provide information what clothes would be needed in Hong Kong.

What to Pack

Most of the time, climate of Hong Kong is hot and humid. This means that you would not be needing woolen clothes for most time of the year. Loosely-fitted cotton clothes would do very well in Hong Kong. However, if you plan to visit Hong Kong between December to February, you better bring your woolies for the mercury might fall to 10C. In case your scheduled visit is between May to September, pack a light waterproof jacket with your luggage for you could watch rains in Hong Kong this season. In summers too, if you are visiting a restaurant of movie hall, chances are that they might turn the air-conditioning high. A light sweater would help you in this condition.

And then, you packing depends on you plans. You would not go to swimming dressed in cotton attire. We suggest swimwear for beaches, smart casual wear for dinner and stout shoes when on sightseeing spree. If you plan to tour colourful night markets and shopping malls, make sure that you have lot of room in your suitcase.